Dreaming doggie

Poor dog. He looks like he was being chased in his dream. It is so cute that I can’t stop watching this.


Lowell Winterfest 2009

Lowell Winterfest 2009 was held in Lowell from Feb 5th through 7th this year. I missed most of the events, such as fireworks, but here are some photos from the festival.

Polaroid Transfer

Polaroid Transfer is one of the photo developing/printing techniques. I learned about it at one of the exhibitions during the Lowell Photography Weekend. I am not going into details of the technique here, but it is basically to transfer an image to an alternative paper by peeling apart an instant film (e.g. Polaroid) and pressing its negative onto a paper. Exposure time, use of water, pressure amount, ambient temperature, and many more factors need to be carefully determined, which makes this technique very sophisticated. Sadly, Polaroid Co. does not manufacture Polaroid instant films any longer. Photoshop’s Polaroid Effect might become the only way to create its unique taste after all the instant films ever manufactured are used up.

il_fullxfull56672669Image borrowed from here.

virginia creeper trailImage borrowed from here.

Previously on Lost

This video has been played at abc.com. I think the impressions of all the characters are pretty good.

*NOTE: If you have not watched all the episodes of Lost and have planned to watch them later, this video will ruin it.

Brom Yoga Studio

I’m so glad that I found out about Brom Yoga Studio whose sessions take place at 119 Gallery. After participating in its Yoga class two nights ago, my legs and butt are still sore, which is kind of a nice feeling too. Surprisingly, most of the art works at the gallery were left on display even during the class. This means that you can enjoy the art and Yoga simultaneously! I felt a little bit nervous though when a guy next to me was losing his balance and looked like he would grab a painting by accident. He was that close to the painting!


Western Avenue Studios

Western Avenue Studios are located on Western Avenue, Lowell, MA. Local artists rent spaces and work on their masterpieces there. The studios are open to the public on first Saturday of every month, noon-5pm. This is THE place to go to if you happen to visit Lowell!


Western Avenue Studios

Western Avenue Studios

Hallway in the studios

Hallway in the studios


Lowell Photography Weekend

After I went to the Lowell Photography Weekend which took place this past weekend, I promised myself that I will explore more of my town, Lowell, Massachusetts. I am liking my town more as I get to know it more.

The city of Lowell used to be an energetic town (Lowell became a city in 1836) with a thriving textile industry in the 19th century until its mills became obsolete when the southern part of US offered lower labor/transportation costs and steam-powered factories. I’m sure that the city has been through a very tough time as I still see some empty mills with broken windows. I tell people Lowell is sort of like mini-Detroit with a lot milder situation/condition.

Lowell Photography Weekend is an annual juried photography event hosted by seven local art galleries in Lowell. I went to five galleries out of seven; Brush Art Gallery & Studios, All Arts GalleryWhistler House Museum of ArtAyer Lofts Gallery, and Western Avenue Studios.

The “Black and White Classic Juried Photography Show” at Brush Art Gallery and Studios was especially great. While looking at the beautiful B&W photos, there were moments that I felt mesmerized and thrilled. It is something about photography, especially in black and white. Beautiful photographs can even make me cry.

Besides the photography event, I also went to a gallery called 119 Gallery. They specializes in pop art pieces, but this particular exhibition did not grab me as much. I found out that they have Yoga sessions twice a week in the gallery surrounded by art! This will be my second Yoga studio to go to. I’ve gone to my first Yoga studio for 1.5 years now! Time flies.

All Art Gallery

All Arts Gallery